About Khyber


-an artist-run centre for non-commercial work and the coordination of disparate events, currently located at 1880 Hollis St.

-a not-for-profit charitable organization that pays fees to artists according to CARFAC standards in its Primary Program

-an arts facility developed in 1994 by the No Money Down Cultural Society, a group of artists who negotiated an agreement with the City of Halifax to maintain the city-owned and then unoccupied 3-floor heritage building located at 1588 Barrington St.

-established in 1995


The Khyber’s mission is to foster critical thought, facilitate creative dialogue and support artistic experimentation through the public presentation of contemporary art. The Khyber actively and continuously will hold a pro-survivor framework and an intersectional, anti-oppressive, anti-racist analysis in its programming and operating.


The Khyber’s mandate is to present contemporary visual art, which exists in a wide variety of disciplines. We challenge traditional gallery conventions, encourage public understanding and appreciation of contemporary art through responsive and relevant programming. The Khyber works to prioritize, centre and promote the presentation of work by emerging local, national and/or international artists. Additionally, we aim to recognize and disrupt systemic forms of oppression, which include but are not limited to: racism, white supremacy, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism/transmisogyny, tokenism, ableism, ageism, sizeism, sexualized and all acts of violence and harassment. This is always to be implemented through following anti-violence and pro-survivor policies and in Khyber programming, operating and in relation to staff, Board members and artists presented.