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CFAT x Khyber

Find tickets @ ⭐️www.khyber.com⭐️

19+ | 9PM-2AM | Nov 5th @ The Khyber (1880 Hollis)

Step in the ring and DANCE DANCE DANCE at the @centreforarttapes x @khybercentre battle of the century with DJ FADZWA x DJ DOUVET x DJ EFFA. This is a collaborative fundraiser for CFAT’s permanent building and Khyber’s operating costs. The bar will serve beer, kombucha, cocktails, and mocktails. We encourage you to come dressed as a referee because we love and respect each other so much. Too much.

The Khyber will be reopening its bar at an event of this capacity for the first time since before the pandemic. We recognize that with COVID, live music and events can be another layer of unsafe for many folks. We will create alternate offerings to this IRL space and be transparent about the steps that we are taking to create a safer bar environment.

🧚🏻All advanced ticket holders will be emailed with reminder to test before gathering. Folks purchasing at the door (if still available) will be asked if they have tested.

🧚🏻When not drinking or eating, wear your mask. Masks and straws will be provided.

🧚🏻Our HEPA will be working her magic before, during, and after the event to clean the air up and staff will be cleaning and sanitizing throughout.

🧚🏻Do not come to the event if you have symptoms, even if your test results are negative.

🧚🏻Be mindful of COVID impacts and keep yourself and others safe from the spread while also having fun and keeping your heart and mind healthy. OK?

We know that some of you won’t be able to come and want to bring you so much pleasure and joy outside of this IRL event. We will share…

🤼 Playlists!! Made for you by C-FARTER and khyburgeraler.

🤼 Digital merch!! A folder full of GIFS, promo video, fun photos, art.

🤼 Party packs!! You can purchase these and stop by for contactless pick up the day before. Think silly merch, whistles, non-alcoholic and boozey options.

🤼 Livestreams!! We will stream the event for free and you and others can party together at home and in the chat box.